“It was my privilege and honour to have been mentored on 35mm film cameras and anamorphic lenses by one of the greatest technicians of the British Film Industry, namely Joe Dunton BSC MBE. Joe has been my friend and mentor for more than ten years and he has stood by me in every step of the way in every one and each of my film endeavours. To Joe and his wonderful wife Patricia, I shall be eternally grateful.”

Michael Hapeshis


JOE DUNTON has been involved with the film industry for over 30 years. His professional reputation is based on technical and manufacturing achievements such as pioneering the popular "video assist" system and the Anamorphic lens design. Mr Dunton co-founded the entity known as 2.35 Research in London. The company designs and researches anamorphic lenses and manufactures them for rental. It has been instrumental in lens design and technological implementation for feature films such as Evita, She's So Lovely, Deceiver and Brown's Requiem. A firm believer in preserving motion picture history, Mr Dunton led 2.35 in the acquisition of the Mitchell Camera Company in April 1997. and thereafter moved the company to the Wilmington, North Carolina location. Joe Dunton Cameras (JDC), which rented all manner of professional motion picture cameras and grip equipment, first went to Wilmington, North Carolina in 1984 assisting filmmaker Dino De Laurentis with his feature film Firestarter. In the Autumn of 2007, JDC was aquired by PANAVISION UK and Joe became Panavision's most prized asset as Executive Chairman of PANAVISION Los Angeles. He has now retired from Panavision and lives in Wilmington, USA, where he runs his own camera and lens company.

JDC participated in the production of The Mission, Killing Fields, Blue Velvet and Star Warswhile gaining A-List international credits for its involvement with 12 Monkeys, Hannibal, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Matlock, Shawshank Redemption, She's So Lovely, Evita, The Full Monty, The Road to Wellville and Deceiver.

JDC's credit Unfaithful, was released in May 2002 and resulted in 3-day box office revenues of USD 14 Million. In 2003 onwards, JDC's cameras and lenses plus full technical support have been utilised for three of the four Harry Potter Films.

Her Majesty the Queen of England appointed Joe Dunton a Member of the British Empire (MBE) in February 1998 for Meritorious Service to the Film Industry. In 2006, Joe has also received the John Alcott Award from the British Society of Cinematographers for his contribution to the Screen, and also the Award of Merit presented by the Guild of Production Executives and the Camera Technician's David Lenham Prize. In 2009, Joe Dunton received a BAFTA for Lifetime Achievent Award

Joe and Michael Hapeshis met in February 2002 during the Pre-production of the feature film SHOOTOUT, produced and directed by Michael. Since then, a close friendship developed which has led to a wider collaboration. Joe Dunton has co-produced Michael Hapeshi's short film RESURRECTION, which was nominated for the Best Drama Award at the Los Angeles Short Film Festival in September 2006, and the collaboration has moved now to a new level with Joe participating as Executive Producer in Michael's feature film, Dinner With My Sisters.